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  1. Self-healing power, the most precious thing of the human body!

It is often seen in movies that after some martial arts masters are injured, in a day or two of cultivation and meditation, they will soon become fierce again. Although there is an exaggeration in movies, the core principle is not wrong, that is, our body does have the ability to heal itself.

Just like people who have a cold, they will recover in a few days whether taking medicine or not. It surely is vital energy to take actions for self healing. We cannot emphasize too much the preciousness of vital energy healing power. 

  1. Self-healing power also needs "maintenance"

Self-healing power also requires voluntary protection and maintenance, so that this defense network becomes tight and strong, and diseases are less likely to enter.

There are many ways to improve vital energy. If one uses herbs properly, herbs can temporarily strengthen the body's vital energy and the disease will generally recover quickly. However, there are many contraindications of using herbs, which requires professional guidance. In comparison, moxibustion is a good thing that our ancestors left us to replenish the vitality! Without injections or medicines, we enjoy the peaceful time with moxibustion. Bit by bit, the healing power will increase unconsciously.

  1. Frequent moxibustion will make you less likely to get sick!

People who use moxibustion may have this feeling: when they first tried moxibustion, they felt nothing special, just warm and comfortable. After a while with moxibustion, they will be surprised to find that they don't seem to get sick much. Sometimes even some chronic diseases and minor problems that existed before will slowly disappear, because the ever-increasing self-healing power has taken the initiative to repair your body.

Some people may choose moxibustion simply because of spleen or stomach dysfunction and poor digestion, but after a period of time, they may find that not only their appetite has improved, but the fat on their bellies and legs has also lost a few lbs. This happens often. It is a surprise, but reasonable.

The benefits of moxibustion may sometimes be greater than you think!

  1. The "amazing" of moxibustion is to stimulate self-healing power

An ancestor’s book mentioned: "The vital energy dominates and controls the whole body. If the vital energy is strong, the person will be strong. If the vital energy is weak, the person will be sick. If the vital energy is gone, the person will die. The law of life preservation: Moxibustion is the No.1."

Ancients believe treatment only accounts for 30% and nourishment occupies 70%. The elimination of diseases depends more on the body's self-regulation and self-repair. This is a major principle of the natural healing art.

Mugwort is a thing of pure yang AKA vital energy. It stimulates the meridian points of the human body through moxibustion heat, focusing on stimulating the self-healing power that exists in every corner of the body.

The recovery from the disease mostly may be attributed to the self-healing power of the human body. The essence of moxibustion is to stimulate self-healing power. It helps us find out the precious vital energy in the body, strengthen it, and make full use of it.

So we say that moxibustion is "amazing", but it is actually the powerful self-healing power brought by the body's vital energy.

  1. Moxibustion on the points can delay the decreasing of vital energy with aging!

Thousands of years of practical experience in natural healing arts have proven countless times that moxibustion has the ability to enhance, improve and restore the body's self-healing ability.

Through the energy transmission and penetration of the skin and meridians, moxibustion can restore vital energy, dispel old and blood stasis, nourish vital energy, balance yin and yang, promote qi and blood circulation, warm the meridians, strengthen the kidney and prolong life. Moxibustion relieves and eliminates many issues caused by the blockage of Qi and blood.

One gets sick easily, possibly because the body's self-healing power has gone downhill. At this time, it is a good idea to use moxibustion to improve the self-healing power. There are many points for longevity. We introduce some popular points:

  1. Dazhui Point - Du 14
  2. Shenshu Point - BL 23
  3. Zusanli Point - ST 36
  1. Simplify moxibustion: enjoy the benefit without mess

Moxibustion is great, but it takes lots of time and leaves a mess. Also, most people don’t prefer to practice moxibustion in their house due to smoke. QiMoxa Foot Pad is a simplified moxibustion. QiMoxa Foot Pads are a simple tool to help one improve Qi, repel cold and damp. QiMoxa is awarded a geographic landmark certificate, officially the highest quality mugwort. QiMoxa produces gentle and far penetrating natural energy during deep sleep. Following reflexology, one can add energy to the different meridians and internal organs to improve vital energy. For more information videos and books, please check out  Also, because Qimoxa foot pad is moxa, you can put it on the appropriate acupuncture points to get optimal results.

Reminder: The above article is for reference only, please consult practitioners for personal health issues. For more information, please read the disclaimer!

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