February 24, 2021 2 min read

Hi, everyone! It’s Luna. 

Now I share my principle to apply QiMoxa Heat Patches. Maybe this can help you find out your best way to apply QiMoxa. 

I mentioned hologram in foot pad video. For heat patches, I use the same hologram principle, which means a human body is a holograph of the universe. I cover 3 topics. First, I compare the structure between the universe and a human body. Then, I talk about energy flow. Last, I discuss how to apply heat patches.

First, we compare structure between the universe and a human body. In the universe, we stand between the sky and the earth. There are sun and clouds in the sky. For human bodies, we can view our body as 3 parts. Above the diaphragm is the upper body.  Below the belly button waist line is the lower body. Between the diaphragm and waistline is the middle body. Head and arms are the extension of the upper body. Legs are the extension of the lower body. To match the structure of bodies to the universe, the upper body is the sky, the lower body is the earth and the middle body is the biosystem.

Second, we compare energy flow between the universe and a human body. In the universe, energy from the sun hits the ground. Then water evaporates to nourish the biosystem and finally become clouds. Clouds change to water and rain falls down the ground. In the human body, the heart is like the sun to generate heat. The lung is like the cloud to manage water circulation. The heat from the heart goes down to the pelvic. Then the water evaporates to the abdominal area and lungs. Finally, some vapor of the lungs changes to water and goes down to the kidney.  


Maybe this view of the human body is new to you and kind of confused. Don’t worry about it. The point is we need to direct the heat down to the pelvic area, so the body can initiate the natural healing flywheel. Now come to our last topic: how to apply heat patches. In nature, the temperature of the sky is cool, the ground is hot, and the biosystem is warm. In the human body, the thoracic area should be cool, the abdominal area should be warm, and the pelvic area should be warmer. When I use heat patches, I apply heat patches on pelvic, lower back and legs often. I apply them on the abdominal and upper back area when needed. I don’t apply to the thoracic area if I don’t have to. For thousands of years, most of the moxibustion longevity acupoints are below the waist line. Maybe it is for the same reason.

Remember, in natural healing, it is very important to get a real feeling of our body, but not knowledge. Your body will tell you the best way to treat yourself. We are looking forward to hearing your story of QiMoxa.

Thanks for watching. It is Luna. I see you next time!

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