About Us


Inspire healthy energy flow – both in the company and in the community.


  • Integrity – Be Real
  • Teamwork – Join Together
  • Thanksgiving – Return Kindness
  • Loyalty – Sincerely Support
  • Hope- Inspire life

About Team

QiMoxa is a USA established company. Our team has a good understanding of natural healing art. We pursue a healthy and happy life for us and for everyone else. We have curiosity, hope and fun. Curiosity leads us to move forward. The hope of the future will light up the road. Importantly the journey is fun.

We begin with simple questions: what is life and how to make it better. We believe life is the process of energy consumed. People are getting old and weak when energy decreases. People die if they run out of energy. Vital energy is fundamental to life. If we recharge ourselves, we explore an abundant vival life. Our team travels all over the world for the best source of vital energy to the human body. We present the answer to you about a good life.

About Product

 “If cannot be cured by medicine and acupuncture, then one must apply moxibustion.” Moxibustion is a thousands of years of time proven natural method. Ancient Chinese quote the best vital energy is from Mugwort AKA Moxa. The best Mugwort is QiMoxa. QiMoxa is awarded a geographic landmark certificate, which means it is officially the best Mugwort in the world. It has been used safely to deliver energy to the human body generation after generation. This is why our product name is QiMoxa. We adopt modern technology to present this ancient healing art  in a simple way! Boost your energy! Boost your life naturally!

How it works

The philosophy and science under QiMoxa is very profound. However, we present very easy to use products, so you can enjoy the ancient secret healing art without any effort or knowledge.

Three year aged QiMoxa has the similar frequency as the human body, so the vital energy is gentle and deeply penetrating. This is what we use in all our products. Every product we spend at least 4 years from plants growing to the moment you open the package. We walk a long way just for this moment. Thank you for being a part of our journey. You are in the right place. Simply trust us and believe in our products. Our products have a natural capacity to deliver vital energy. Energy works through mind body connection. Belief and trust can open the energy channel, so the vital energy of our products can reach the targets to get optimal results.

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