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Losing weight and gaining weight are a common and sad topic. In fact, regarding fatness and thinness, it is enough for us to remember one basic rule: if you do not have enough qi, you will get fat, and if you do not have enough blood, you will get thin. One needs to balance Qi and blood to get optimal shape, neither too fat nor too thin.  

  1. Balanced Qi/Energy and Blood, Neither Fat Nor Thin

Qi is the power of the human body. Blood is the source of this power. Together Qi and blood promote the digestion and absorption, that is, metabolism.

"Blood is the mother of qi, and qi is the commander of blood". Without command and push by Qi, blood cannot reach the place where the body needs it. Without the foundation of blood, qi becomes the evil fire in the body.

A person with a balance of qi and blood, the movement of qi in the body is sufficient. After eating, the nutrients that should be absorbed are absorbed, the wastes that should be excreted are excreted, and the water that should be vaporized is vaporized. The body will be neither fat nor thin. For a person with Qi deficiency, the movement of Qi in the body is insufficient. After eating, these substances that have not been absorbed, excreted and vaporized are converted into fat or toxin accumulated.

  1. Getting Fat Because of Qi Deficiency

One of the reasons for getting fat is Qi deficiency. When Qi is deficient, the body cannot optimally vaporize the water, so the moisture changes to phlegm stagnant. Also, the body cannot optimally absorb and excrete, so the extra nutrition changes to toxin and ferment to damp heat eventually.  

There is a saying: ten obesity people, nine are Qi insufficiency. The phlegm (fat) accumulated in the body will not be decomposed and discharged by itself. More qi and stronger energy are needed to break down or vaporize the stubborn phlegm that can be taken away by the blood.

Since there is not enough qi to get fat, in order to lose weight, one needs to start from the perspective of invigorating qi and activating blood, dispelling dampness and cold.

Acupuncture points help for weight loss: 

Qi deficiency - Qihai (CV6); 

Yang deficiency - Mingmen (GV4, also called gate of life); 

Phlegm dampness - Fenglong (ST 40); 

Damp heat - Sanyinjiao (SP6).

Acupoint for Kidney

  1. Getting Thin Because of Blood Deficiency

Some people say that being thin is due to under-eating and malnutrition. This statement also makes some sense, but it is still not comprehensive.

It is true that many thin people keep a diet and do not eat enough, but there are still many thin people who eat a lot, but do not grow meat. In fact, the reason why people are thin is because of blood deficiency. When blood deficiency occurs, people gain more fire. What is fire? Excess Qi is fire.

Therefore, we often say that blood deficiency is the real cause of weight loss, and weight loss is the most obvious indication for judging a person with blood deficiency!

Thin people should nourish yin and nourish blood. To achieve these two goals, the easiest way is to regulate the spleen and stomach. When the spleen and stomach function is normal, it is the source of nutrition, body fluid and blood. If the spleen energy is normal, it can control qi and blood. Therefore,  blood can not only increase revenue, but also reduce expenditure.

  1. Simple Tool for Wellbeing

QiMoxa Foot Pads is a simple tool to help one balance and improve Qi and blood. QiMoxa is awarded a geographic landmark certificate, officially the highest quality mugwort. QiMoxa produces gentle and far penetrating natural energy during deep sleep. Following reflexology, one can add energy to the stomach to improve blood and kidney to improve general Qi. For more information videos and books, please check  Also, because Qimoxa foot pad is moxa, you can put it on the appropriate acupuncture points to get optimal results.


Regardless of the body type, one problem must be clarified: weight control must be achieved on the basis of improving overall health and improving the quality of life. If you can't improve your health in order to lose weight, this kind of weight loss is meaningless and can only bring a burden to your body! The same is true for wanting to gain weight.

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