September 14, 2020 2 min read

QiMoxa simplifies an ancient technique called moxibustion. In Chinese, the word “moxibustion” has 2 parts: the upper part means “prolong period of time”, the lower part means “heat”. QiMoxa benefits from the first day of use, but the good results come out with time.

Qimoxa adds vital energy to the human body. Humans have 2 kinds of vital energy: innate energy held by the kidney and adaptive energy gained by the stomach. Innate energy is fixed and comes with birth. Experts know a person’s life span and health issues if one gives them the birthday based on the fixed innate energy. Innate energy has astonishing healing power and feels awesome when it is utilized. Unfortunately, innate energy is limited and hard to replenish. Many modern techniques can pull innate energy out to let people feel good and heal fast, but leading to kidney deficit later life and ending with kidney, bone and brain issues. QiMoxa adds adaptive energy, clear damp and strengthens internal organs, so people improve self-healing and save innate energy. 

When people get all meridians energized, they can expect life changing results. Tendons are flexible when livers are fully functional. Bones are strong and the brain is sharp when kidneys are fully functional. Also, the flow of body energy synergys with nature. People are calm and peaceful because liver heat circulates as it is supposed to be. Sleep at night and vivid at day because body yin/yang follow environmental energy. Furthermore, people are attractive. Their faces are bright because 15 meridians energize there. Their vision is sharp because 17 meridians go there. We believe this is what body and life should be. 

QiMoxa is just a tool. With Qimoxa, we start to know what reflexology and hologram are, so we can know our body secrets from our face, tongue, and hands. Also, we know and feel body energy flow to pace with the whole universe. All this will not happen in one night, but it will happen along the journey.

QiMoxa is awarded a geographic landmark certificate, officially the highest quality mugwort. QiMoxa mugwort only grows in a specific location, harvests once in a specific time and stores in an environmental control warehouse for 3 year to get premium results. It is in high demand in the natural healing field and provides more effective benefits than acupuncture and herbs. We provide blog, videos and pins to show how and why we use foot pads, so you can create your way to use them. 

We totally understand people want to feel good fast. However, if we are in the wrong direction, fast can be detrimental. Human bodies have fascinating self healing power, but it takes time to make our body ready to heal and perform self healing.

Have you watched Taichi? The slow movement won’t attract you at the first glance. You don’t feel too much different for the first practice. After one year practicing, you know a little bit about Taichi. After ten year practicing, you feel the difference and will never regret it. It is the same as QiMoxa.

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