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There is an ordinary but powerful acupuncture point on the soles of our feet. Once it is opened up, it will gush out life force from the soles of the feet like spring water, nourishing the whole body from the feet to the head, so we also call it Yongquan. Let us see how powerful benefits it provides:

  1. Invigorate the kidney and strengthen the body

Yongquan means spring. It is K1, the first point of kidney meridian. The qi of this point is like the water of the source spring, gushing out to irrigate the whole body, strengthening the vital energy and improving wellness!

Golden Rooster Stance is to draw blood to the feet, and actually draw them to the Yongquan Point. Because the Yongquan point is also a major point for human longevity, leading blood to the source can make the kidneys full of energy, sharp ear hearing & eye vision, and strengthen the body.

  1. Prepare Pregnancy and Warm Womb

The vitality in the kidney is the driving force of life and the innate foundation of the human body. It plays a vital role in warming, nourishing, and stimulating the internal organs. Women issues are often related to kidney energy deficiency, including infertility.

If the kidney qi is insufficient, the uterus is too cold for pregnancy. Yongquan is the source of kidney qi, so one wants to prepare for pregnancy: soak their feet in warm water before going to bed at night (QiMoxa foot soak is better), and then put QiMoxa Foot Pads on Yongquan to nourish the kidney, body and ovaries, laying a good foundation for pregnancy.

  1. Get the Heat Down

The heart belonging to fire/heat is at the top, and the kidney belonging to water is at the bottom. Under normal circumstances, the heart heat depends on the kidney to restrict, so that the heat will not go up to head, but go down to warm up the kidney water. The kidney water receiving the heart heat  transforms to vapor and goes up to the nourish upper cavity. The heart-kidney interconnection is the healthy energy pattern, showing a cool head and warm feet. Once this situation changes, if the kidney is deficiency, the heart heat cannot go down, so we have a hot head and cold feet. Also, broad signs show up such as hot intoleration, dry mouth, and woman health issues etc.

Yongquan point is the starting point of the kidney meridian. It has a downward pull. Too much energy in the upper cavity can cause symptoms such as anxiety, headaches, insomnia and panic attacks, fainting feelings and fatigue. Stimulating this point will drain excess heart heat, relieve these symptoms and help one feel grounded.

The kidney meridian passes by the kidney, bladder, throat and tongue. Yongquan can help bladder, pharyngitis, and other issues along kidney meridian. Yongquan can also benefit heel pain and leg weakness. 

If you are interested, please read the post “ A Hot Head and Cold Feet”to get more information about the modern energy imbalance. If you want to direct the heat down, pay more attention to Yongquan.

  1. Rest and Sleep

When we regulate insomnia, Yongquan is an essential point. When the kidney water is depleted, the heart fire will be relatively vigorous. Once the heart fire overheats, the kidney water cannot contain it, showing unresting and insomnia.  When a patient exhibits general agitation and restlessness, worsening at night is a typical manifestation of kidney deficiency. Using acupressure on this point will often quickly bring a sense of calm.

  1. Adjust Blood Pressure and Relieve Headaches

When heart heat goes up, blood pressure often rises and symptoms such as headache and dizziness occur. According to the theory of "the disease is on the top and the cure is on the bottom", massaging the Yongquan can draw blood down, promote blood circulation, balance blood pressure, relax the head, and have a good effect on headaches and dizziness. Yongquan is commonly used to quieten the mind, and for menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes and night sweats. Human self healing has a two way adjustment mechanism. It is suitable for hypotension and hypertension.

  1. The Stimulation Method of Yongquan

The Yongquan point is located at the sole of the foot. Moxibustion and massage are the most suitable. If you cannot perform moxibustion, QiMoxa foot pads are very convenient.

(1) Moxibustion Yongquan

Moxibustion is the most commonly used method of stimulation. Of course, Yongquan can also be used for acupuncture, but it is more often used for first aid of unconscious patients or severe diseases because the point is very sensitive and painful during acupuncture.

(2) Rubbing Yongquan

After washing the feet with warm water, rub Yongquan points with the pads of thumbs 100 times. Also, you can warm your hands and rub the Yongquan point 100 times with palms. Tapping is also a good technique.

(3) QiMoxa Foot Pads are simple, convenient and efficient!

QiMoxa is awarded a geographic landmark certificate, officially the highest quality mugwort. QiMoxa produces gentle and far penetrating natural energy to boost vital energy during deep sleep. Put QiMoxa Foot Pads on Yongquan points before going to sleep and take off after waking up. Simple, easy and convenient!

A Youtube video show the location of K1:

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