June 16, 2022 2 min read

People may think we eat ice cream in Summer, and use heat patches in Winter. However, this is not a good self care lifestyle. Ancient use moxibustion in Summer historically, so using QiMOXA in Summer can have more benefits. These are why:

  1. For a good Summer living

In Summer, body energy stay externally and internal organs have less energy esp. stomach and spleen. This is why we don’t have good appetite and diarrhea easily in Summer. We use Moxa heat to improve internal energy, so we live better in Summer.

  1. For a good Winter living

People feel more pain or are easily sick in Winter than in Summer. Cold winter has less natural energy and bodies cannot repair themselves due to a lack of energy in Winter. Traditionally, Ancient used Moxibustion in Summer to repair the body and prevent Winter hard time. In Summer, because bodies and Nature have more vital energy and meridians stay superficially, moxa heat can repel body cold and damp easily to clear chronic issues. 

If we adjust our lifestyle to get less cold intake in Summer, using QiMOXA heat patch and foot patch to repel body cold and damp, we have a better Summer now and better Winter in the future. Why not?


  1. We upload videos for digestion and kidney. Putting a heat patch on CV12 can improve stomach energy and digestion. Putting a heat patch on GV4 can improve kidney energy to turn your drowsy daytime to energetic. 
  2. Heat patch has an unpleasant smell. It is normal. The smell will change after putting essential oil on.

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