June 22, 2022 2 min read

Honor the Pain and Support Life

Pain is not a disease, but a sensation and messenger. Even though the pain doesn’t deliver a pleasant message, the purpose of pain is to save our life in the long run. It reminds us that our body needs help to get out of trouble.

There are 2 ways to handle pain:

  1. Analgesic. It is also called a painkiller. In other words, kill the messenger. Since the cause of pain is untreated, it increases the possibility of chronic pain or pain shifting to another area. Most pain solutions on the market fall into this category.
  2. Repairing. Interpret the message and repair the body. Our body has a self-repairing mechanism. However, bodies cannot complete the repairing process if they lack vital energy. Pain is the body asking for energy. In order to relieve pain, we need to promote self-repairing. This is a natural way. The way how QiMOXA handles the pain.

Inflammation is the first step of tissue repairing and this is when pain happens. Anti-inflammation stops the inflammation. Also, it stops the healing process. Our body naturally has a self-repairing mechanism, so it will constantly initiate inflammation if the body needs to be fixed, which becomes chronic pain. The more we resist pain, the longer it persists.

QiMOXA is a natural self-care remedy that has thousands of years of history. It increases body local temperature, circulation and accelerates the inflammation process, so the body can go to the next step and start tissue formation until it finishes self-repairing. In other words, QiMOXA is not a painkiller, but a life supporter. After repairing tissues, pain fulfills the purpose of the messenger and will be gone. 

Our body sensations and cells work so hard to show their love and support our wellness. We need to listen to them and support them. Please honor, interpret and work on the pain. Nature has answers, but first, we need to listen to the messengers. 


The heat patch may have an unpleasant smell. It is normal. The smell will change after putting essential oil on.

May you find this information helpful and may you receive a million blessings today and every day. We deeply appreciate your support! We hope you will like QiMoxa as we do! Thanks for sharing!

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