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QiMoxa Heat Patches mimic moxibustion. Moxibustion is more effective, but less convenient than QiMoxa Heat Patches. However, they have similar experience and outcomes. Moxibustion is a more popular natural healing art than acupuncture, but many people still don't know enough about it. Natural healing art believes there are many factors that decrease the body's immunity. Some main outside morbid factors are wind, cold and dampness. During moxibustion, clients sometimes have sensations such as heat, wind, itch, cool, cold, bloating, soreness, etc. Are these side effects or the healing process of moxibustion? Today we discuss how moxibustion works in the body.

Moxibustion is a popular natural healing art
 Cold is a exogenic morbid  factor Dampness is a exogenic morbid  factor


There are three stages in the moxibustion process. The feeling of moxibustion varies in each stage. Most people have difficulty going through the second stage.

1.The first stage is finding problems. 

Moxibustion tries to find the root causes of the problems, but not a symptom. In this stage, moxa vital energy flows to the meridians. Clients feel mild warmth and comfortable. Moxa vital energy is pervasive and penetrative, as long as the body is unobstructed, it can reach the low energy areas. When the vital energy is subject to strong resistance, it is most likely to find the root cause. If the root cause is relatively small, vital energy will crush it until it encounters a truly stubborn root cause. After finding the root causes, you should hit the iron while it is hot and enter the second step of moxibustion as soon as possible.

 Treat the root cause Moxa vital energy follow the meridians


2. The second stage is the fight between vital energy and morbid factors, also known as healing reactions or flare-ups. It is an essential part of natural healing, but many people give up here.

Flare-up means to expose the problems, including old injuries, fractures, toxins that have existed in the past and slowly hidden. They will all be revealed.

Healing process is spiral up

When our bodies have issues, but don't have enough vital energy to heal, they may set up bypasses and hide the issues. Many people seem to have no problems, but their bodies do not heal completely and they are in morbid balance. Some people may experience discomfort after moxibustion. In fact, it is because moxa heat repels morbid factors and the immune system begins to kick in. The body produces a healing inflammation and releases morbid factors from the tissues. In this stage, sensations of itching, coughing, runny nose, sneezing, cold skin, numbness, bloating, soreness, sinking and pain can occur; these are normal reactions of the body. These feelings are the result of the moxa vital energy assists meridian energy to repel morbid energy such as wind, cold and dampness. Don't be afraid, it's not that you are sick, but the body self healing activates a complete heal. This is the process of flare up.

 If body cannot heal itself, it may setup a bypass.

This process cannot be held back or stopped since the body is not able to heal selectively! In other words, it does not only heal the present unwellness but also clears up all other damage, whether old or new. That is what natural healing means. Because of this, people perform moxibustion for one reason, but can overcome many other conditions that have troubled them for a long time.

The flare-up is not pleasant. Not only will the client feel obvious discomfort, but the condition may be worse than before. Many clients are afraid at this stage because they are unfamiliar with the mechanism of moxibustion. Abandoning halfway, they miss the opportunity to heal.

When moxibustion comes to this step, it is recommended to apply moxibustion continuously and steadily. Do not increase the amount of moxibustion for pursuing the quick recovery to avoid over-reactions, especially for those with weak immunity.

3. The last stage is morbid factors retreat and subside from the body. 

In this stage, feelings of wind, coolness and cold are normal reactions that result from the flow of morbid factors out of the body. The clients will feel the symptoms of various issues gradually reduce and disappear. 

At this stage, the morbid factors have already collapsed, and they cannot resist the attack of vital energy. It is a harvest time for many days of moxibustion, but it must not be taken lightly.

Many clients feel better without symptoms, so they stop moxibustion, and even begin to indulge their bodies and continue their bad habits. This is giving the morbid factors a chance to fight back. Therefore, it is recommended to continue moxibustion during this stage. The amount and frequency of moxibustion can be appropriately reduced. After the body is fully recovered, moxibustion can be followed for a period of time to avoid many future problems.

If you have never performed moxibustion or you don’t like the smoke of moxa, you can try a moxibustion heat patch. QiMoxa Heat patch is a good moxibustion substitute to maintain body vital energy without consuming time, tedious work and annoying smoke.

Moxibustion is not a panacea. The effect of moxibustion is closely related to many aspects. People must maintain a healthy living and eating habits to reach the optimal benefit of moxibustion. 

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