March 12, 2021 2 min read


Hi, everyone! It’s Luna. 

Last time I discussed B22, B25, B27 are the basic points for the upper body pain. Today, I add another point which is a must, GV14. GV14 is the point where 3 yang meridians of arm converge with the governing vessel meridian. GV14 is located below C7. When you head down, the biggest bone at the end of the neck is C7. Using the heat patch to cover the biggest bone, you will cover GV14, but remember don’t cover B13 as we discussed in the last video.

Now let me talk about the spot of pain. Because our body parts are connected with each other, one sore spot may relate to another body part. Make sure to check out both local and remote spots. For example, the soreness of the wrist mostly is because of overuse of the index and middle fingers. If this is the reason, put one patch on the sore wrist. The other patch on the muscle origin. Find the tender spot on the lateral site or thumb site of the elbow, which is the muscle origin, the remote spot of the wrist soreness. However, in some cases, the wrist sore can be the result of poor circulation of the shoulder joint or paraspinal muscle. If you cannot find the remote spot around the elbow, you can check out around the shoulder or paraspinal muscles. Putting a patch on the sore spot can relieve the discomfort. Putting a patch on the remote tender spot makes sure the sore will not come back again.

Personally, I like to put foot pads on the GV14 and shoulders for soreness at night. I feel comfortable with the slight heat at night. During the Day I use heat patches. Foot pads have charcoal and absorb sweat. It may stain clothes during the day.


Let me use another way to clarify how I handle the pain. When I have pain on my wrist, I put one patch on the local spot, which is the pain area. I ask myself: why do I have pain? It is because minor injuries cannot heal on my muscle origin, so I put one patch on the remote spot. I ask myself again: why cannot minor injuries heal? It is because the large intestine or triple warmer meridian energy is getting weak, so I put patches on GV14, B22, and B25. This is the way I interpret my pain and solve my soreness.

Every pain is a call bell for help from our body. Do you have pain? How do you interpret your pain? We are looking forward to hearing your story of QiMoxa.

Thanks for watching. It is Luna. I see you next time!

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