March 11, 2021 3 min read


Hi, everyone! It’s Luna. 

Today I share my experience of neck, shoulder and arm pain. I cover 4 topics: First, where I don’t put heat patches on. Then, I share 2 kinds of basic points. Last, I will explain the local spot and remote spot.

In the HP01 video, I mention I don’t apply heat patches on the upper body if I don’t have to. Now, I will explain where and why. Upper trunk includes the lungs and heart. Lung likes moisture and unlikes dry. Too much heat will produce dry throat and dry cough. Heart is our engine. Too much heat will increase agitation and anxiety. 3 yin meridians of arms are: heart, pericardium and lung. They direct energy to the lung and heart. Therefore, I usually don’t put heat patches on 2 areas. First, I don’t put heat patches along the 3 yin meridians, namely, on the palm, the front side of arms all the way to the chest. Also, this is the reason why I don’t like to put foot pads on my palms. Second, these 3 yin meridians have energy exchanging points on the bladder meridian: B13 for lungs, B14 for pericardium and B15 for heart. In other words, I don’t put heat patches between the 2 scapulars. 



Now, let’s see where I like to put heat patches on. 3 yang meridians of the arm are large intestines, Triple warmer, and small intestines. These 3 meridians cover the back of arms, shoulders and scapulars areas. Mostly, those areas I feel tight and sore. How to differentiate them? If you feel weak or sore to move your arm forward and up, improve energy for the large intestines. If you feel weak or sore to move arms side and up, improve energy for triple warmer. If you feel weak or sore to move your arms back such as wipe yourself after using the toilet, improve energy for small intestines. If you cannot differentiate the problems, apply one point at a time and your body will tell you. When heat patches on the right spot, your body will suck the energy. Sometimes you won’t feel the heat of a patch, but you will feel the warmth of the target organs. We call this moxa feeling.



Now let’s see how to add energy to these 3 meridians. I’d like to use the bladder meridians: B22 for triple warmer, B25 for large intestine and B27 for Small Intestine. Let’s find them. On the spine, cross the waistline, the opposite of the belly button is GV4. One vertebra above GV4 is GV5. Horizontal of GV5, on the top of the paraspinal muscle is B22. 2 vertebra below GV4 is GV3. Horizontal of GV3, on the top of the paraspinal muscle is B25. Sacrum is below the lumbar spine. Outside the second hole of sacrum is B27. Don’t know anatomy. No problem. We use patches. On the spine, if putting a patch on the waistline and above, you cover B22. If putting a patch on the waistline and below, you cover B25. End of the lumbar spine, you find the big bone which is the sacrum. If putting a patch to cover the top of the sacrum, you cover B27.


Today, I have discussed the 3 basic points. Next time, we will discuss more points to solve soreness of neck, shoulder and arm.

Thanks for watching. It is Luna. I see you next time!

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