March 03, 2021 2 min read



Hi, everyone! It’s Luna. 

Little by little, I get more sore muscles, tight tendons and cracking joints when moving. If you don’t know what I am talking about, possibly you are too young for this video. Today I share my view of pain. I cover 3 topics. First, why I have more and more pain. Next, what is the 2nd heart point for pain relief? Last, how to apply with heat patches.

First, I explain my reason for pain. When body vital energy decreases, the blood circulation is getting slow, so toxin accumulates to block the energy flow, blood circulation and water transportation. The body areas cannot get enough oxygen and nutrition for self healing, so pain happens. 

How to solve the problem? If we increase vital energy, the blood and water circulation will increase. They carry the nutrition for self healing and take away the toxin. Therefore, we are back to the young stage and get rid of pain. 

Before we discuss putting vital energy to our body, we need to know how our body generates energy. Apparently, the heart generates energy. If the heart doesn’t pump, we are dead cold. Heart energy is not enough. We need another organ to assist. I call it the 2nd heart, which is the small intestine. The heart generates energy and transfers down to the small intestine. The energy from the heart initiates the function of the small intestine to release the energy from food. The heart is the innate organ for energy. The small intestine is the adaptive organ for energy. The small intestine generates vital energy from food to improve overall circulation of our body especially legs. In HP01 video, I explain I don’t apply the heat patch to the heart area. If we apply the heat patch to the small intestine. It will not only save the heart energy, but also create more energy for the whole body.

Now we see how to apply the QiMxoa heat patch. I like to use 2 points to improve the small intestine energy. One is located on the belly. The other is located on the back. On the front we use CV4, which is the point accumulating the small intestine energy. Please refer to HP02 video for the details of CV4. On the back, I use Bladder 27, which is an exchange point for the small intestine. Now let’s see B27. Along the spine, lower the lumbar, it is sacrum. Horizontal outside the first hole of the sacrum, there are B27 on both sides. Don’t know anatomy. No problem. We go down the spine. You will feel the end of the spine connect to a big bone, the sacrum. Using a heat patch to cover the top of this big bone, you will cover B27. Depending on the body size, you can put one heat patch on each side if you need it. 


Today I share the points for overall energy. The more energy we have, the less pain we have. Have you had pain? We are glad to know your story of QiMoxa.

Thanks for watching. It is Luna. I see you next time!



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