March 01, 2021 2 min read



Hi, everyone! It’s Luna. 

I’d like to simplify things. I ask myself: if I apply the heat patch to only one point, which point I will pick up. This video explains my choice. I cover 2 topics. First, which acupoint is the No 1 life essential point. Second, how to apply the point with a heat patch.

First, I will explain my No 1 point. Our body has about 360 regular acupoints along meridians. 12 major meridians have 2 categories: yin and yang. All yin meridians connect to CV which also means the sea of yin. All yang meridians connect to GV which also means the sea of yang. CV is the front midline and GV is the back midline of our trunk.


There is one point connecting CV and GV, which is CV4. CV4 Chinese name means “Lock the Essence”. Why lock? Because if we spend too much too soon, we will head toward an early grave. CV4 is my No. 1 point. Let’s explain the other way to clarify my view of life energy. Life energy starts with one point, the CV4. CV4 creates yin and yang, which are CV and GV, 2 innate meridians. CV and GV interaction creates 3 pairs yin yang meridians of arms and 3 pairs yin yang meridians of legs, which are 12 regular adaptive meridians. Eventually the energy network of the body is built up.

Now, Let’s find the CV4. First, find the line between the belly button and the top of pubic bone. Divide the line into five equal parts. From the belly button, the ⅗ point is CV4. Because using the heat patch, we don’t have to find the exact point. We can cover CV4 if we apply a QiMoxa heat patch to a little bit lower than the midpoint between the belly button and the pubic bone. 


CV4 is my No.1 point. Which is your favorite point? We are looking forward to hearing your story of QiMoxa.

Thanks for watching. It is Luna. I see you next time!

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