A Hot Head & Cold Feet

September 07, 2020 5 min read

 Ancient Chinese separates internal organs to three cavities: upper, middle and lower. The upper cavity is above the diaphragm and it should be cool. The middle cavity is between the diaphragm and horizontal line of the belly button and it should be warm. The lower cavity is below the horizontal line of the belly button and it should be warmer. Head is the extension of the upper cavity. Feet is the extension of the lower cavity. Therefore, the energy balance person should have a cool head and warm feet. However, with the lifestyle change, more and more modern people have the imbalance energy model: a hot head and cold feet.

     First, what is the natural energy model of the body?

     The heart that governs fire is in the upper cavity. Six yang meridians of the human body all rise to the head. The yang energy from the chest to the head is the most abundant, and the head is more cold-resistant. The head adapts to changes in natural temperature. When we keep the head cool, people feel calm and mental clear.

     Middle cavity contains most of the digestive system. Our digestive system is a slow cook. It needs heat and enzymes. Also, enzymes are temperature sensitive. If the temperature is low, the enzymes don’t do the job and the digestion will slow down. Increased middle cavity energy will help most of the digestive system discomfort and increase metabolism rate.

     Our reproductive systems are located in the lower cavity, especially the kidney. The lower cavity is our root of life and it produces the seed of the next generation. Chinese martial arts direct energy to the lower belly for strength and longevity. This should be the warmest part of the body.

   Second, what is the modern imbalance energy model of the body?

     Excess energy directs to the upper cavity and head. Blood follows with energy. Excess blood rising up to the head and getting stuck there. The discomfort includes anger, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, dizzy, fog mind, cardiovascular or cerebrovascular problems.

     Decreased energy in the middle cavity will bring all kinds of digestive problems. How long will it take to break down a meal to molecules in nature? Days, weeks or maybe months. How long will it take inside our body to finish the same procedure?Hours! Thanks to all the enzymes and bacteria, but most importantly it is the temperature. Most gut problems are because of decreased belly temperature. When the cold belly is lasting, the body toxin will cause stasis, phlegm, and dampness. The clogged in the abdomen blocks the upper and lower interconnection causing the “the hot head and cold feet”.

     Energy deficiency of the lower cavity will bring many problems. Cold feet is just a beginning. Poor circulation of the lower limbs will bring all kinds of leg problems such as joint degeneration. Also, more and more reproductive system problems will happen such as infertility, irregular menstruation, vaginal discharge and incontinence. Furthermore, the kidney is not nourished, so all bone problems will show up such as backache and hip ache.

     Third, what is the reason for the energy model change?

     People who do physical labor and martial arts have cold heads and warm feet most of the time, so they are strong. Mental laborers use their brains a lot, and their minds often maintain a high-heat state, so their bodies are relatively weak. This explains the cause and solution.

     The cause of modern energy model:

      1. Our living environment changes after refrigerators and air-conditionings are invented. We live in a cooler situation than before. We eat ice cream, drink cold beer or smoothies, and live in an air conditioning room in the summer. We decrease not only belly temperature, but average body temperature. When body temperature decreases, metabolism rate decreases and immunity decreases.

      2. We are under more stress than before both in work and daily life. One of the body’s natural responses to stress or nervousness is to pump adrenaline into the bloodstream, which decreases the blood flow to the outermost areas of the body. More blood to the head and less blood to the feet.

      3. We live a sedentary lifestyle with the developed technology. We sit at a desk with poor posture and stare at screens all day (It is me!). Constantly staring, thinking and worrying is to pull all the energy and blood up to the eyes and brain. Prolong sitting prevents blood flow back down into the body. 

     4. Umbilical or low-waist clothing is particularly popular among young people. In fact, it hurts both Yin and Yang energy along the waistline. Improper dress can decrease belly temperature.

     Four, what can we do to prevent or switch the unnatural energy model?

     1. Wash face in cool water:

     Washing the face with cool water can often clear our mind and improve our thinking ability.

     2. Movement

     As simple as it seems, getting up and moving may be one of the easiest ways to warm the body and help blood flow to and from the feet. People who experience cold feet due to their desk job may benefit from getting up periodically and walking around the office. Jogging or even doing jumping jacks may keep the feet warm throughout the day.

     Internal exercise such as qigong, yoga and meditation practice will benefit to adjust energy. The relaxed movements of qigong and yoga open up the body and balance the circulation. Meditation allows the energy and blood to settle back downwards and resume their normal and healthy circulation. 

     3. Soak your feet

     The easiest way to “hot feet” is to soak your feet, which can effectively drive away the cold and warm your body. Soak your feet in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes with some mugwort until you slightly sweat before going to bed, which can improve circulation, relieve fatigue, relax tension, improve sleep, and enhance immunity.

     4. Moxibustion on the lower trunk and limbs, directing energy down

     Make sure to use high quality Moxa and optimally perform in the morning.

     5. QiMoxa Foot Pads

     If you don’t know the points of meridians or have no time for moxibustion, QiMoxa Foot Pads can have a good effect. 

     On the foot sole there is an acupuncture point called “YongQuan”. It is the first point of kidney meridian. The name means the water of the source spring, which comes from under one’s feet and flows out to irrigate all of the body. It is located in the middle below the ball of foot. Putting a QiMoxa foot pad on this area, you can nourish kidney meridian, warm up your foot and reduce the hot of the head. For more detail, please check out our Ebook “Ancient Chinese Secret of Foot Care”.

     Whatever your method, use it regularly and keep a cool head and warm feet!


     1. People with diabetic nerve damage should avoid using hot water to warm the feet. This can lead to accidental burns.

     2. The elderly, weak, sick or disabled people may have a poor tolerance to cold and heat, so they should be careful to adjust the intake. A cold head does not mean that you do not wear a hat in the snow winter. Proper head warmth does not conflict with the “Cold head”.

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